Learning sequences you can use today

Plan, teach and assess with new learning sequences designed by teachers for teachers

Connected learning experiences

Learning sequences on this website have been written by experienced Victorian school teachers in consultation with peers and subject matter experts. Sequences have been developed to provide students with access to rich, comprehensive, and engaging learning experiences aligned to the Victorian Curriculum.

Professional support

Learning sequences respond to feedback from schools, who have asked for more support to translate the Victorian Curriculum into teaching and learning programs.

Sequences exemplify how learning can be staged to support and enable optimal growth in student learning.

They are comprehensively mapped to the Victorian Curriculum, and offer suggested learning intentions and success criteria.

Sequences are also linked to existing Department of Education frameworks and guidance. Support resources – including graphic organisers, data collection templates and activity sheets – have been developed for each sequence. Assessment opportunities have also been identified.

Sequences can be used by teachers at all levels of capability and experience. They can also be drawn on as exemplars in professional learning.

Feedback on sequences is welcome and can be provided by emailing Learning.Design.Innovation@education.vic.gov.au.

For more information on how to use each sequence, visit ‘How to use’.